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As Treo we are proud to introduce you the most important and innovative ITALIAN FIRMS in the Cleaning Machineries and Equipment, well known and highly respected in the whole INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL CLEANING MARKET scenario. Our products are designed & manufactured to meet high quality standards & to withstand all the demands of our customers.


And our professional contribution as a CLEANING SOLUTION COMPANY will provide You the best quality and the best problem-solving support, as well as a spare parts and consumables availability which can fits any request, in the entire MENA region. This thanks to our presence directly in K.S.A. as well as the one of our sister Company in Sharjah, an additional “Logistic Base” close to the whole region, close to you.


Our commitment is to become your unique partner, as our Company is really at the state of the art of technology and techniques on professional cleaning equipment. And we can provide You any specific CLEANING SOLUTION to any of your needs.


We take the opportunity of this presentation to let You think about a simple thing. Have You ever made any calculation on how many could be the advantages in using a scrubber/driers machine to wash and clean your floors or in using a sweeping machine instead of a simple broom?


We will try to show You some of those advantages in the next pages, hoping you’ll find them interesting.


The below example shows the compared advantages between using a professional “mop” system, a single disc machine, a scrubber/drier machine “walk behind” and a scrubber/drier machine “man-on-board”:


How much time it will take to have the investment amortized and the cost back?
Single Disc: 3 months; Walk-Behind scrubber: 7.5 months; Man-on-Board scrubber: 10.5 months


And the below example shows the compared advantages between using a professional “broom” system, a sweeping machine “walk behind” and a sweeping machine “man-on-board”:



How much time it will take to have the investment amortized and the cost back?
Walk-Behind sweeper: 6.5 months; Man-on-Board sweeper: 12 months


Very simple, very clear, and even very clever.


Using machinery instead of a standard equipment (brooms, mops, buckets…) will let you:

    • Clean and sanitize to perfections the spaces you’re living or working in;
    • Be environmental friendly, using the correct amount of water and the correct amount of chemicals;
    • Save labor time, till up to 84%.


Chemical costs & efficiency:
The avg. dilution for professional chemicals can be between 3% and 5%. The risks to not mix correctly the diluted chemical with water are:

  • If You dilute more than the required %, your floor will maintain an “oily” aspect, even dangerous for people walking there; and costs will dramatically increase.
  • If You dilute less, the cleaning and sanitizing action will not be guaranteed and the cleaning result will be unacceptable from the quality point of view; as a result of this, the chemical cost will be a total loss of money

Mixing with water in the proper way and in a 25 liters bucket is much more difficult than mixing it in a 110 liters tank of a machine.


Water consumption:
With manually operated work it’s impossible to control the correct and efficient water consumption.
With a machine, it’s the machine itself to perfectly and automatically control this.


From the comparison sheets it’s easy to understand how many saves on labor time You will have. It means that: LABOR COST will dramatically decrease. And this will also enable to help on VISA problems: in fact 1 single employee will be able to make the same (and even better) work of many employees; and if You are a cleaning contractor, You will be able to use the same number of employees You have for many more contracts.





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